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  • How To Book A Surf Lesson
    You can book lessons directly via our Website! You can also contact us on Whatsapp, Instagram or via email. We recommend that you book at least one day in advance to secure your spot.
  • What is included in the surf lesson?
    For the surf lesson you will be provided with a suitable wetsuit and board. You are also insured if anything happens to you or the board during the lesson. Each lesson is 90 minutes long. You will start with a warm up, some theory including safety points and technique practice before entering the water.
  • Where do we surf?
    All Surfing Lessons are planed accordingly with the best conditions and weather! For begginer classes we choose between 2 main locations, Carcavelos & São João da Caparica. For advanced students we can choose an individual location depending on the individual surfer and their capabilities.
  • Can I choose the time of the lesson?
    Surf Lessons normally take place during the morning and afternoon in mid/high season. If you book a private class we will arrange a time which suits your needs. We schedule accordingly with best conditions and weather
  • How many lessons do I need to learn the basics?
    Learning to surf is not only technique but you also have to learn how to understand the ocean. Although, we do have many students who are able to stand up on their first lesson! To begin learning the basics, including all safety aspects we recommend at least 5 lessons.
  • Do the teachers go in the water?
    You will always be accompanied by a fully qualified & experienced instructor while in the water.
  • How many students per instructor?
    A maximum of 5 students will per surf instructor to ensure the best quality, time and attention during your lesson.
  • What is the best time of the year to surf?
    Beginners: March to October Advanced: All year However, even as a beginner if you decide to visit during winter or spring we will always find a nice spot for you to catch some waves.
  • In what language do you teach the lessons?
    All our instructors are fluent in both Portuguese and English
  • Do I need to know how to swim if I want to learn Surfing?
    No, you don’t need to know how to swim to learn the basics of a beginner’s lesson. We start the program with very easy conditions and you can put your feet on the floor the whole time, having the water up to your waist

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Logo from Pitaya Surf School

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